First things first.... the name comes from an old jazz tune by Mingus called:
'The Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers.'
The full song title was more than we could handle, so we abbreviated it!


Guitar, Vocals

 Joe Bigham got a B.A. studying avant garde classical music at Washington University. He plays a wide range of instruments, including sitar, banjo, mandolin, and keys, in addition to his primary instrument, guitar.

Bass, Vocals 

Dennis Ward is currently studying music at the University of Missouri in St. Louis (UMSL). He plays 5 string electric, 4 string fretless, and upright basses in the group, as well as playing guitar, keys, and baritone guitar.


Eric Schaefer got a B.A. from Webster University for audio production. In addition to drumming for J.A.S., he handles group recording needs (see Beowulf Recording for more info)

J.A.S. plays a wide variety of music, including funk, soul, rock, and jazz tunes.
For a complete song list click the link below.

J.A.S. Songlist